Supple-jack (Berchemia scandens)
Supple-jack (Berchemia scandens)

Alabama Supplejack (Berchemia scandens)

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Green stems, small leaves, and small grape-like clusters of berries make it quite ornamental. Male/Female plants are separate.
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Binomial Berchemia scandens
Supplejack can tolerate extreme habitats and a wide range of conditions.  In bottomland forests, it can become a large, twining vine with woody stems.  It can also grow in the desert-like conditions of Missouri glades where it becomes a densly sprawling mat.

Wildlife use the plant both as a food source, eating the drupes of blue berries, and as a place of shelter.  The berries should not be consumed by people.

Its common names of supple-jack or rattan vine indicate its use for making walking sticks or wicker products.

Uses:  wildlife, groundcover, wood products
Bloom time:  May to June (greenish/yellow flowers)

Height:  Will grow to the top of a trellis or tree
Space:  4 to 6 feet

Sun:  Sun to shade
Moisture:  Dry to moist

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