Bald Cypress (Taxodium distichum)

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Taxodium distichum

Larger plants available at nursery or for pick up at offsite events.

A tall, deciduous conifer often used in landscaping on average to moist soil.  Heartwood is very decay resistant. Bald cypress has been used commercially to build boats, bridges, and posts. Other commercial uses include paneling, shingles, and doors.

Usually found in the southern U.S. and up into Missouri's boot heel. Commercial use in Missouri is hampered by bald cypress' limited range into the state (though it grows happily when introduced to areas beyond its natural range).

Uses:  Shade tree, wood working

Height:  70 to 100 feet

Space:  30 to 50 feet

Sun:  Full sun to medium shade

Moisture:  Average to moist

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