Barren Strawberry (Geum fragarioides)
Barren Strawberry (Geum fragarioides)

Barren Strawberry (Geum fragarioides)

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Waxy, buttercup-like flowers. A choice evergreen groundcover for shade that thrives in humus-rich soil.
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Binomial Geum fragarioides, Waldsteinia fragarioides

While it doesn't produce edible fruits, barren strawberry still makes a great groundcover for the shade garden. It has waxy, buttercup-like flowers and in most areas is evergreen with strawberry-like foliage.

Barren strawberry will thrive in humus-rich soil. While it can take quite a bit of sunlight, it prefers shadier cool spots out of the dry heat. Works very well in containers.

Deer resistant with few pest problems, barren strawberry is a great plant.

Uses: Groundcover, evergreen, deer resistant, container gardens
Bloom time: April - June

Height: 4 to 6 inches
Space: 8 to 12 inches

Sun:  Light sun to full shade
Moisture:  Dry to moist

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