Bee Plants Group of 10

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These 10 plants are bee favorites.
Item #: BEEGRP
Binomial Bee Plants Group of 10

For convenience and for beginners, we've selected these 10 plants that are sure to attract bees.  Each grouping of 10 potted plants will cover about 25 square feet.  This group of plants is available in large pots ($47.50) or small pots ($23.75). 
These plants need half to full sun, good soil, and moisture during dry periods.
Species included:
  1. A blazing star species, Liatris spp.
  2. A goldenrod species, Solidago spp.
  3. A coneflower species, Echinacea spp.
  4. A coreopsis species, Coreopsis spp.
  5. A milkweed species, Asclepias spp.

Note:  A species or two may be out of stock at times.  When checking out, please indicate if you have any preferences for substitutes, otherwise we'll choose something appropriate or duplicate a species in the group. 


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