Carolina Buckthorn (Rhamnus caroliniana)
Carolina Buckthorn (Frangula caroliniana)

Carolina Buckthorn (Rhamnus caroliniana)

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Develops rounded shape in full sun. Dark green leaves turn yellow in fall. Red berries in summer turn blue-black in fall.
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Binomial Rhamnus caroliniana, Frangula caroliniana

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Also commonly known as Indian cherry, this ornamental shrub or small tree is easy to grow and tolerates a wide range of conditions. The attractive foliage is dark green and shiny during the warm months and turns yellow/orange in autumn. As the berries form, they go from red in late summer to black as they mature; they are especially attractive to birds. Carolina buckthorn has an open, airy form with a shape that is similar to flowering dogwood. It will grow best when it has a bit of shade during hot afternoons.

Uses: hedge, birds, bees
Bloom time: May - June

Height: 15 - 25 feet
Space: 15 - 20 feet

Sun: Sun - medium shade
Moisture: dry - moist

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