Cedar Sedge (Carex eburnea)
Cedar Sedge (Carex eburnea)

Cedar Sedge (Carex eburnea)


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Carex eburnea

An almost evergreen sedge that thrives in the mid-day shade of trees, particularly cedar trees.  It is often found in crevices of limestone bluffs.  This is a deer tolerant plant.  It has a very fine leaf texture.  Use as a groundcover or "green mulch" in shady wildflower beds; it spreads slowly by rhizomes.  Six- to 10-inch diameter clumps can form from our 2-inch plants in a single growing season.

Uses:  Groundcover, shade beds, ornamental grass
Bloom time:  May - July

Height:  4 to 8 inches
Space:  8 to 12 inches

Sun:  light sun to full shade
Moisture:  dry to average

Seed can be collected a little on the green side beginning in late April but more often is harvested in May or June. It germinates best if you sow it right away; some will come up about two months later, and the rest will be up the following spring.

  • 61,000 seeds per ounce
  • 1 oz. per 2,000 square feet
  • 1.5 pounds per acre

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