Clustered Field Sedge (Carex praegracilis)

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Binomial Carex praegracilis

A colony-forming sedge that makes a decent lawn substitute. It responds well to (unnecessary) mowing and spreads underground via rhizome. While it prefers a fair amount of moisture, it can tolerate dry periods and typically requires less water than traditional lawns.


During icy, snowy weather, salt is dumped all over roads and highways and ends up in the roadside soil. Because clustered field sedge grows well in these salty areas, it goes by several other common names: expressway sedge, tollway sedge, and freeway sedge.


Uses: Rain gardens, erosion, alkaline soil, groundcover, deer tolerant

Bloom time: May


Height: 12 to 28"

Space: 10 to 18"


Sun: Full sun to light shade

Moisture: Average to wet

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