Deciduous Holly (Ilex decidua)
Deciduous Holly (Ilex decidua)

Deciduous Holly (Ilex decidua)

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Female plants produce loads of beautiful red berries in autumn. Easily grown in a wide range of conditions.
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Binomial Ilex decidua

Deciduous holly, or possum haw, is a large shrub or small tree usually growing 10 to 15 feet tall. It tolerates a wide range of growing conditions, but will do best in full sun. Unlike other hollies that are evergreen, deciduous holly sheds its leaves in the fall. This is a species whose individual plants have either male or female flowers. They are tiny and whitish and will attract nectar-seeking bees. The female plants will produce spectacular red berries in September or October if a male plant is nearby and will persist through winter or until they are consumed by birds.

Uses: Birds, bees, fall color
Bloom time: April - May

Height: up to 30 feet
Space: 5 to 12 feet

Sun: Full sun to medium shade
Moisture: Dry to moist

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