Sassman Prairie
Sassman Prairie

Deep Soil seed mix

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Mesic Prairie
A mix of native wildflowers found in mesic prairies
Item #: Deep mix
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Binomial Deep soil seed mix
Our deep soil mix provides color from early May into October and attracts many kinds of wildlife.  It consists nearly entirely of perennials with a few annuals or biennials that will provide some color while the perennials get established.  This mix should be sown in late fall or winter--early February at the latest. Seed sown after February may not get the cold moist treatment (stratification) that it needs in order to germinate.
Contents of the mix vary due to availability.
Seed:  Many of the species need a cold, moist period of stratification. Sow seed between November and February.
Seeding rates will yield ~30 seeds per square foot:
  • A 3- gram packet covers about 25 square feet.
  • 1 ounce per 575 square feet
  • 1 pound per 9,250 square feet
  • 4.7 pounds per acre
These species prefer plenty of sunlight and moderate moisture. 
12/19/19 Contents: Slender False Foxglove, Lead plant, Shining blue star, Common Milkweed, Butterfly weed, Spider Milkweed, White Wild Indigo, Blue Wild Indigo, Fringed poppy mallow, Purple poppy mallow, Prairie wild hyacinth, Bush's Sedge, Partridge Pea, Lanceleaf coreopsis, Plains Coreopsis, Tall Coreopsis, White Prairie Clover, Purple Prairie Clover, Ill. Bundleflower, Pale-purple Coneflower, Rattlesnake master, Gumweed, Ox-eye Sunflower, Alum root, Roundhead Bush Clover, Rough Blazing Star, Prairie blazing star, Palespike Lobelia, Seedbox, Wild bergamot, Common evening primrose, Longflower beeblossom, Rigid goldenrod, Small Palafox, Wild Quinine, Foxglove Beardtongue, Prairie Beardtongue, Slender Mountain Mint, Hairy mountain mint, Longhead coneflower, Gray head coneflower, Pasture Rose, Showy Coneflower, Blackeyed Susan, Brown-eyed Susan, Rose Gentian, Blue Sage, Wild Senna, Royal Catchfly, Compass plant, Showy Goldenrod, Prairie Dropseed, New England Aster, Sky blue aster, Ohio spiderwort, Blue vervain, Wing Stem, Curlytop ironweed, Western Ironweed
We include an extra ounce of seed with each bulk pound.

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