Desert Biscuitroot (Lomatium foeniculaceum)

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An early blooming species for full sun. Goes dormant after seeds develop, so plant in beds among more persistent species that also like dry conditions.
Item #: LOFOE
Binomial Lomatium foeniculaceum

A few western counties in Missouri serve as the eastern-most border of Desert Biscuitroot's natural range. It is more common in the west half of the United States. Its yellow flowers appear early in the season along with its edible, fragrant, parsley-like foliage. It grows in dry prairies, glades, and open rocky ground and prefers dry or well-drained soil. Like other members of the parsley family, desert biscuitroot can act as a host plant for swallowtail butterflies.

Uses: Edible, drought tolerant, butterflies
Bloom time: April and May

Height: 6 to 14 inches
Space: 6 to 10 inches

Sun: Full sun to light shade
Moisture: Dry or well-drained

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