Dry Shallow Soil seed mix

Dry Shallow Soil seed mix

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Dry shallow soil seed mix


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Our dry, shallow soil mix provides color from early May into October and attracts many kinds of wildlife. It consists nearly entirely of perennials with a few annuals or biennials that will provide some color while the perennials get established.  This mix should be sown in late fall or winter--early February at the latest. Seed sown after February may not get the cold moist treatment (stratification) that it needs in order to germinate.

Contents of the mix vary due to availability. Native grasses are sold separately.

Seeding Rates:
  • A 2-gram packet covers about 25 square feet.
  • One ounce per 500 square feet
  • One pound per 8,000 square feet
  • 5.5 pounds per acre
The December 18, 2017 mix contains:
Spider milkweed, Blue & white wild indigo, Purple poppy mallow, Wild hyacinth, Lanceleaf coreopsis, Plains coreopsis, Tall coreopsis, Purple prairie clover, Pale-purple coneflower, Yellow coneflower, Rattlesnake master, Rose verbena, gum weed, Bluets, Roundhead bushclover, Rough blazing star, Bottlebrush blazing star, Prairie blazing star, Palespike lobelia, Agave, Wild bergamot, Longflower beeblossom, Missouri primrose, Rigid goldenrod, Wild quinine, Wood betony, Slimflower scurfpea, Purple beardtongue, Foxglove beardtongue, Pale beardtongue, Rock pink, Redwhisker clammyweed, Slender mountain mint, Hairy mountain mint, Gray-headed coneflower, MO coneflower, Blue sage, Compass plant, Gray goldenrod, Narrowleaf vervain, and Western ironweed

We include an extra ounce of seed for each bulk pound.

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