Eyelash Grass (Bouteloua hirsuta)
Eyelash Grass (Bouteloua hirsuta)

Eyelash Grass (Bouteloua hirsuta)

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A compact plant for dry areas or rock gardens. Host plant for skipper butterflies.
Item #: BOHIR
Binomial Bouteloua hirsuta

Often referred to as "hairy grama" because the leaves are covered with small hairs and it is a graminoid, which comes from the Latin term gramen (grass). This is a small, drought tolerant grass that is uncommon in Missouri. It can spread from short stolons and make a nice ground cover in sunny, dry sites. At least two species of skipper butterflies use eyelash grass as a host plant for their caterpillars. Birds may use it for nesting material and will eat the seeds.

Uses: Ground cover, host plant, drought tolerant, birds
Bloom time: July - September

Height: 10 to 18 inches
Space 12 to 18 inches

Sun: Full sun
Moisture: Dry

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