False Garlic (Nothoscordum bivalve)

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Binomial Nothoscordum bivalve
Also known as "Crow Poison," false garlic is one of the first native wildflowers to bloom in spring. It often will bloom again in the fall after warm rains; however, during most of the hot summer it is dormant (Woodland spiderwort (T. Ernestiana) also behaves this way).

False garlic tolerates a variety of growing conditions. It is an inconspicuous plant that many people dismiss as just a small tuft of grass until the tiny, showy, white flowers appear in March. It is uncertain whether false garlic is toxic to people (or crows).

Uses: Drought tolerant, rock gardens, shade gardens, showy flowers
Bloom time: March - May and often in fall

Height: up to a foot
Space: 4 to 8 inches

Sun: Full sun to medium shade
Water: Dry to average

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