Hercules' Club (Aralia spinosa)

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Has an incredibly tropical appearance. Spreads by underground runners.
Item #: ARSPI
Binomial Aralia spinosa

Larger plants may be available at the nursery--contact us.
Also known as Devil's Walking Stick, this ornamental shrub has been used for centuries in landscapes. It also has value for small woodworking projects, medicinal properties, and dye.

A hercules' club has been growing here at the nursery for several years and looks like it should be growing in the tropics.

Before planting, there are a few things to consider. Hercules' club gets its name from the stout prickles that cover the stem; it can be a painful plant to encounter. It also suckers and will form a thicket. Remove root suckers or mow around the plant to prevent it from creeping into other areas of the landscape.

Uses: birds, borders, hedge rows, nectar
Bloom time: July - August (yellow fall foliage)

Height: 15 to 20 feet
Space: 6 to 12 feet

Sun: Sun or shade
Moisture: Average to moist

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