Leather Flower (Clematis versicolor)
Leather Flower (Clematis versicolor)

Leather Flower (Clematis versicolor)

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A small, well-behaved vine that works well on small trellises; good container plant.
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Binomial Clematis versicolor
This is a small, well-behaved vine that will work well on trellises.  We've had it growing here at the nursery in a large pot for several years now, and it looks great year after year.

Leatherflower uses tendrils to climb and would be well-suited for a chain-link fence.  It blooms off and on from late spring to early fall.  The seed heads are also attractive:  wispy, fuzzy tails sticking out from where the seed heads are clustered together in a globe.

Uses:  Hummingbirds, trellis, decorative vine, container gardens
Bloom time:  May - September

Height:  4 to 7 feet
Space:  2 to 3 feet

Sun:  Medium shade
Moisture:  Average

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