Longspiked Tridens (Tridens strictus)

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Tridens strictus
The long, purple-spiked seed heads of this clump-forming prairie grass add late summer & fall interest to prairie & meadow plantings.  Longspike tridens tolerates a wide range of conditions; it can grow in areas with salinity issues and low fertility, though it favors sandy, well-drained soils.
Longspike tridens is reportedly a short-lived perennial.  However, this warm season grass produces lots of seed (130,000 seeds per ounce) that germinates quite easily.
Uses:  Ornamental grass, poor growing conditions
Bloom time:  July - October
Height:  2 to 5 feet
Space:  1 to 2.5 feet
Sun:  Full sun to light shade
Moisture:  Dry to average (can tolerate moist areas for brief periods)

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