Narrowleaf Gumweed (Grindelia lanceolata)

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The bright yellow flowers are very showy at the end of summer. A very drought-tolerant biennial used by many pollinators.
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Binomial Grindelia lanceolata

This is an easy-to-grow biennial for sunny, dry areas. It is typically found on rocky roadsides, limestone glades, bald knobs, and dry prairies. The bright yellow flowers attract a number of pollinators, and the fairly large seeds are eaten by birds. Deer tend to avoid this plant.

Narrowleaf gumweed and other members of the Grindelia genus have been used to treat a wide range of ailments from head lice and poison ivy to bronchitis and rheumatism.

Uses: pollinators, birds, historically medicinal, drought tolerant, deer resistant
Bloom time: August to October

Height: 2 to 3 feet
Space: 1 to 2 feet

Sun: Full sun to light shade
Moisture: Dry to average

Seed: Gumweed typically germinates without much special treatment, though a couple of weeks spent cold-stratifying will help the few dormant seeds to germinate.
  • 200 seeds per packet
  • 1 ounce per 450 square feet (15 seeds/sq. ft)
  • 6 pounds per acre (15 seeds/sq. ft)

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