Pasture Rose (Rosa carolina)

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A great plant for bees and other wildlife. This showy native rose is less susceptible to diseases that plague other roses, especially when planted in open, sunny locations.
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Binomial Rosa carolina
Pasture rose is also called Carolina rose. It is fairly short, but it can spread via rhizome and form small colonies. The pink flowers provide pollen for bees and other insects. This species and other roses are host plants for a number of moths, whose caterpillars feed on the foliage. Birds, in turn, eat many of the insects that make use of the plant. The birds also feed on the showy red rose hips that ripen in fall.

This rose can grow in a fair amount of shade and tolerates drought. However, it will perform better in more sunlight with occasional watering in well-drained soil.

Uses: Edible, bees, host plant, groundcover, drought tolerant
Bloom time: May - June

Height: 1 to 3 feet
Space: 2 to 3 feet

Sun: Full sun to medium shade
Moisture: Dry to average

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