Plains Coreopsis (Coreopsis tinctoria)

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An annual used to add early color to seeded plantings. It also persists in perennial beds.
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Binomial Coreopsis tinctoria

Plains coreopsis is a showy annual that will add color in the early phases of seeded plantings.  If allowed to go to seed, it will persist in perennial beds.

It provides nectar for a number if insects, including bees and butterflies.

We often have an abundance of seed which, for a solid stand, you'd sow at about a pound per acre.

Uses:  Showy flowers, bees, butterflies, pollinators
Bloom time:  July & August

Height:  2 to 3 feet
Space:  18 to 24 inches

Sun:  Full sun
Moisture:  Dry to average

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