Plant Groupings

Posted by Marcus on 9/21/2015 to Tutorials

For convenience and for beginners, we've selected groupings of plants based on plant community or which animal groups they best attract. All you need to do is select a grouping to fit your site and we'll ship you ten potted plants. Each grouping of ten covers about 25 square feet. Plant in a bed of your own design or in a naturalized setting.

Details: Plants will be duplicated or substituted if we run out of a species. Please let us know your preference. For each group, there are two choices of pot sizes: large pots or small pots (based on what we have available. Large pots are "quart" size--4.5 inches across by 5 inches deep. Small pots are usually 2.4 inches across by 5 inches deep, though a few may be 3" x 3".

The groupings: