Professional Opinion

Our four star rating system will aid in selecting plants for formal settings.

  • 4-star
    A 4-star plant has a refined shape, attractive leaves, and showy flowers. It looks good for most of the growing season. These plants will look great in the front of a home or business.
  • 3-star
    Some of these plants can be used on the front line facing the street. Most have attractive flowers, but the foliage doesn't last the season or doesn't look as formal as 4-star's. It is better to have most 3-star plants behind 4-star plants.
  • 2-star
    These taller plants usually have attractive flowers, but often have foliage with formalness issues. Most 2-star plants will look fine in the back of a formal planting where their flowers will still make a show.
  • 1-star
    1-star plants are often desired for their wildlife or plant community value, but not for the front yard. They are usually tall. It takes serious creativity to find a place for them in a formal situation.