Rock Pink or Fame Flower (Phemeranthus calycinus)
Rock Pink or Fame Flower (Phemeranthus calycinus)

Rock Pink (Phemeranthus calycinus)

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Flowers open noon until dark. Use outdoors in pots on sunny patios. Water them like a cactus!
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Binomial Phemeranthus calycinus, Talinum calycinum

Also known as Rock Pink, Fame Flower is an interesting, small succulent that is easily grown in containers in sunny areas. Because it is a small plant, it does not compete with larger, more aggressive plants--container gardens may be ideal. It grows naturally on glades where it faces less competition. The flowers open in the afternoon, normally from noon until dark. Fame flower is easy to grow from seed.

Uses: Rock gardens, drought tolerant, container gardens, bees
Bloom time:  June - September

Height: 6 to 12 inches
Space: 4 to 6 inches

Light: Full sun
Moisture: Dry

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