Roundleaf Groundsel (Packera obovata)
Roundleaf Groundsel (Packera obovata)

Roundleaf Groundsel (Packera obovata)

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Great blossoms. Evergreen. Prefers dryer conditions than golden ragwort (P. aurea) and has smaller foliage.
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Binomial Senecio obovatus, Packera obovata

Roundleaf groundsel makes an excellent ground cover in shady, well-drained areas.  The evergreen foliage hugs the ground all year while the fairly short flower stems bloom bright yellow in the spring.  
Uses:  Groundcover, bees, butterflies, raingardens
Bloom time:  April - May
Height:  10 to 14 inches
Space:  12 to 18 inches
Sun:  Half sun to full shade
Moisture:  Dry to average

  • 200 seeds per packet

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