Spider Milkweed (Asclepias viridis)
Spider milkweed (Asclepias viridis)

Spider Milkweed (Asclepias viridis)

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Asclepias viridis

A compact milkweed with interesting seed pods, foliage, and purple & green flowers.

Milkweeds have seed pods that contain seeds attached to a fine silk. When the pod splits open, the silk catches the breeze and flies away, carrying the seed. During World War II, the silk from the pods was used in life jackets and aviator flight suits.

As with other milkweeds, spider milkweed is prized by the insect world--especially monarchs--and avoided by deer and rabbits.

Uses: deer resistant, drought tolerant, pollinators, showy flowers
Bloom time: May to June

Height: 12 to 26 inches
Space: 18 to 24 inches

Sun: Full sun
Moisture: Dry to average

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