Switch Grass (Panicum virgatum)
Switch Grass (Panicum virgatum)

Switch Grass (Panicum virgatum)


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Panicum virgatum
Switch grass has a strong presence in tallgrass prairies. It is a valuable food source for both songbirds and gamebirds, and mature plants provide good cover for wildlife. Skipper butterflies, such as the Delaware skipper, treat switch grass as a host plant; the caterpillars rely on the foliage of the plant as a food source.

Switch grass is a warm-season, perennial clump-forming grass that can spread by rhizome and form dense stands. It is a versatile species that tolerates drought and excessive moisture and can be used to help control erosion. The airy seed heads and curly foliage provide winter interest in the landscape.

Uses: Ornamental, butterflies, birds, drought tolerant, rain gardens, wildlife
Bloom time: July to August (fall color is copper/brown)

Height: 36 to 60 inches
Space: 16 to 24 inches

Sun: Full sun
Moisture: Dry to moist

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