Texas Green Eyes (Berlandiera texana)
Texas Green Eyes (Berlandiera texana)

Texas Green Eyes (Berlandiera texana)

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The yellow-on-green flowers are present most of the season. Soft, downy, heart-shaped leaves.
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Binomial Berlandiera texana
Texas Greeneyes is one of the longest-blooming species we sell at Missouri Wildflowers Nursery. The yellow flowers show up in June and continue opening throughout the year into September and sometimes into October. The long flowering period allows plenty of time for bees and butterflies to help pollinate the plant; new seedlings will appear at some point and may need to be thinned from a flower bed.

Uses: Long blooming period, pollinators, butterflies
Bloom time: June to September

Height: 18 to 48 inches
Space: 18 to 24 inches

Sun: Full sun to light shade
Moisture: Dry to average

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