Yellowwood (Cladrastis kentukea)

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Binomial Cladrastis kentuckea
Fragrant, white flowers form on pendulous droops in May and June.  The smooth, gray bark is reminiscent of beech trees.  Autumn leaves turn copper yellow.  These characteristics make this medium sized tree excellent for smaller yards.  It can be damaged from strong winds and heavy snow or ice, so should be planted in areas that are somewhat protected.  Proper pruning, done in the summer, can help the tree develop stronger branches and avoid forming weak crotches.

The common name comes from the tree's heartwood, which is yellow when freshly cut.  In the past, it was used as a dye to color homespun fabrics.

Uses: Bees, shade tree, ornamental
Bloom Time:  May and June

Height:  30 to 50 feet
Space:  20 to 40 feet

Sun:  Full sun to medium shade
Moisture:  Dry to average

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