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Since 1984, we've been growing and selling native plants and seeds. Missouri is the genetic origin of our plants, so they are best adapted to states east of the Rockies. View our plants online or visit the nursery just south of Jefferson City, MO.

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You'll notice a green number followed by "-star" below most pictures. This number indicates how appropriate that plant is for a formal flowerbed setting. "4-star" plants are ideal while "1-star" plants might take some creativity in your front yard. The other stars are from customer reviews--be sure to add your review! More info...

MO Wildflowers Nursery's 2015 Plant of the Year: Marsh Milkweed

Marsh Milkweed, Asclepias incarnata
An excellent nectar plant for butterflies and an exceptional host to monarch butterfly larvae. This is an ideal plant for rain gardens.

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