Choosing the Right Plants

3rd Oct 2023

We grow hundreds of different native plant species that occur in Missouri, but they don't all thrive in the same habitat. You can narrow down our plant selection to suit your needs. It should be pretty straightforward, but here is a rundown:

Using the main menu:

  • Plant Types: let's you see everything (wildflowers, trees, shrubs, etc.) or a particular type of plant.
  • Benefits: narrow down your options to certain plants that either benefit wildlife, are edible or medicinal, or are used for common landscaping situations.

Once a plant type or benefit has been chosen, you can refine your options further by using a filter. The first filter you may find useful is selecting either "Plants" or "Seeds".  A useful feature of filters is the capablilty to choose multiple characteristics from the same category. In a full sun scenario, choosing "full sun" from the Sunlight Preference filter will only show species that don't tolerate any shade. Increase your options by choosing "full sun to light shade" and "full sun to medium shade". Similarly, under the Bloom Period filter you will see more plants that bloom in spring if you choose "spring" and "spring and summer". Next to the filter options, you will see a number in parentheses that indicates how many species we might have that will suit your needs.